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An adumbration on How to Encrypt the Internet

Internet has now been around for 25 years. It only became widely used in the last 15 of those years, and now is an integral part of everyday life. Many companies would now consider their internet presence to be their most important means of making their presence know to the world and more information is exchanged or revealed on the internet in one day than was previously exchanged in weeks perhaps even months before the net existed.

And yet this is all done with almost no security because the only form of encryption available on the internet is HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS encryption may prevent things like wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks but it does not secure your information.
You could create a secure site with a password and do this… but then you would probably need to hire a professional IT expert to do this for you.
Until now! Now you can create your own encrypted site, for free and with the available free pages from sites such as you don't even need to have your own site to create a secure webpage!

How does it work?
When you use a Browser program temporary internet files are created, with ltwpsyn® encryption and the Free program which is available from this site you will be able to make or read a secure internet site, the decrypted result will be stored in a directory similar to the way your Browser does at the moment, the difference is that the data will be fully secure, the result of a partially or fully encrypted internet site.
Once it becomes understood how simple this is to do the uses and the users will increase the same way the internet usage has grown in the last 15 years…

Languages able to be encrypted
The free program can now encrypt the following languages:
en Français, in Deutsch, em Português, en español, Кыргыз, тоҷикӣ, ўзбекча Ўзбек, 中文, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, বাংলা, हिन्दी, नेपाली , پښتو, සිංහල, தமிழில், اردو میں, Azərbaycanca, на русском языке, українською мовою, باللغة العربية, به فارسی

French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Bengali, Hindi, Nepali, Pashto, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, Azeri, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Persian

(if you want me to add a language then send me an email and request this)

Securing information
The well known Party slogan from Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four 'Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past' could equally be paraphrased as this 'who controls information controls the future'.
The internet is the future of information, and ltwpsyn® encryption will secure some of that information, and that is an adumbration on how to encrypt the internet!

If you would like to have a encrypted site made for you using this program or be involved in this project then contact me
Otherwise you can make an encrypted page or read an existing encrypted page with the Free program