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Program Tips: How to make HTML code for this type of encryption

There is an important difference between the HTML code used for a normal page on the internet and an encrypted page using this approach to encrypt the Internet.
The difference is not difficult but it is significant! With an HTML page on the internet the path links are often abbreviated. So for instance if a file is stored in a directory called Index_files on my site then the HTML code link is often written like this src="/Index_files/Decryption_Dialogue.png"
With this type of encryption the HTML page will be created on to a drive on the computer so for the HTML code in the same example the link has to be written in full, like this src=""

This means the HTML code that is used may need to be checked and links changed in this way. You can use the Find & Replace function in Excel to do this, search for code containing "src=" and "href=" and "url(" and make a trial version of the page and open it before you decrypt your HTML code.

Using existing HTML code from the Internet:
There are a number of ways that you can get HTML code from the internet. You can look at the source code for a page and use this, once you have corrected any abbreviated Links as explained above the code should be good to use.
You can also save an internet page as a Webpage,complete page. To do this just when in the internet page go File Save and select Type as Webpage, complete.
The other advantage of saving as Webpage, complete is that CSS files and any picture files are also saved as well. You can get the HTML code from the saved HTML file by selecting the "Encode" sheet in the Free program and clicking on the Browse button and browsing to the HTML file, click Open and the HTML code will be loaded into the "Encode" sheet.
You still have to correct Links for this file and transfer the CSS files, pictures files etc onto your Internet site for the encrypted page to view correctly on another computer.