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Program Tips: How to use to encrypt emails

There are many ways to use this program to encrypt your emails, the approach I will outline is one which will make it easy to create the email and then easy for the recipient to read the email.

To create the encrypted email:
Copy or write the text of the email into the Encode sheet. Click on the Encode button, choose the Email option, the Output File Type will be set to Txt file, and choose the To/From person. When the encryption is made the Sender email will be included. (Your email Sender information is stored in the "Setup" sheet in cell B21. The output type when decryption occurs can be any of the output types, the default of "Output to Excel only" produces the output to the Message sheet, which can then be easily cleared by the recipient. If you are going to use this program to actually send the email then the name used must contain an "@", this is so the program knows that the To/From is an email address.
Then click on the Proceed button to make the encryption which will be stored in the Txt file. A link to the file will be stored in the "Encrypted_files" sheet in the program.

To email the Txt file you can use the program if your default email program is Outlook or Lotus Notes by going to the "Message" sheet and clicking on the Email button. If you use an Internet email system (such as G Mail) then you can attach the encrypted Txt file and send this.

To receive the encrypted email:
In the Setup sheet and cell B5 is the Default Input Directory, when you receive an encrypted text from a person save a copy of the Txt file to this directory and override the _EncryptEmail.txt file which the program should have made for you. To change the link to the txt file in the "Web_Links" sheet select the line and click on the "Set To/From" button and then click on the "Load a Txt Link" button to browse to a txt file and change the link.

When you receive another encrypted email from someone download the attached Txt file and override the _EncryptEmail.txt file. All you need to do now is open the Encryption Excel program and enter your Personal Identication Password and the Txt file will be automatically decrypted, or if you are already in the program then click on the "Check & Update" button in the "Web_Links" sheet.