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What are the uses for encrypting the internet?

An encrypted webpage, or a partly encrypted webpage or site permits information to be securely transferred between 2 or more parties. If the cost of doing this is small then there are many advantages and an unlimited number of uses.

When I prepared what I am now calling the White paper on how to encrypt the internet I refered to the discussion paper Encrypting the Internet by Michael E. Kounavis, Xiaozhu Kang, Ken Grewal, Mathew Eszenyi, Shay Gueron and David Durham which discussed some of the motivations for encrypting the internet, they make interesting reading here is a link Encrypting the Internet: Motivation
I also discussed some more practical uses for Encrypting the Internet and gave some examples.
You could achieve a similar result to this program by making a secure site with a signon using passwords and then accessing a secure area. This does not easily allow the secure transfer of information perhaps, although bank internet sites substantially do this. But the cost is extensive! and cost of creating a secure page or site the way I have outlined is negligible.

This generic Free program has only limited features built into it. The security features that are part of this program are limited for the reason that it is generic and must therefore permit many people to use it. A more specific version will be available and individual users' access will be able to be customised.
So for example you will be able to create an encryption that can be read by only 1 user or organisation, by a group of users or organisations or by anyone.
The approach used is also "Pull" technology as opposed to "Push" technology such as Email. "Pull" technology means that you control getting the information if you want it, if you don't want the secure information all that is required is to set the update flag to NO. This means it is easy for the Encryptions to be customised by the end user who can decide which encryptions they wish to view.

A lot of this will become more apparent once more advanced versions of this program are released.